The Uncanny

The Uncanny

At first sight the everyday places and events seem plain and meaningless. The compositions and limited presence of color result in a certain degree of realism. Furthermore, dramatic light and shadow effects, conspicuous digital processing and a lack of depth of field are avoided. All of this leads to a clean image of almost total insignificance. But below this anonymous surface it smoulders.

No people are visible. Yet you can feel their immediacy. Have they just left? Are they hiding? Are they approaching the scene? Subtle traces of their presence may be perceived here and there. A growing sense of discomfort creeps upon us as we notice more and more details. Have these places witnessed a great human drama?

Probably not.

About the photos: 1m² [39.4"x39.4"] Lambda-prints mounted on dibond. Semi-matte laminated, U-profile hanging system included. All photos are for sale. Initial and preferable dimensions are as mentioned above. Other sizes and therefore prices are negotiable.

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